Our Initiatives


February 10 & 11: The CSCFSC Risk Management Toolkit Workshop brought together approximately 90 stakeholders from over 60 industry, government, and academic organizations to participate over the 2-day Workshop. This virtual event was made possible thanks to the work of the Workshop Steering Committee (Canadian Hatching Egg Producers; Canadian National Millers Association; Canadian Poultry & Egg Processors Council; Canadian Produce Marketing Association; CropLife Canada; Food, Health and Consumer Products Canada; Food Processors of Canada; Maple Leaf Foods; Canadian Food Inspection Agency; Health Canada; Public Health Agency of Canada; Canadian Research Institute for Food Safety (CRIFS)/University of Guelph; Canadian Supply Chain Food Safety Coalition) and, the Workshop Sponsors (Canadian Federation of Agriculture; Canadian National Millers Association; Canadian Poultry & Egg Processors Council; Food, Health and Consumer Products Canada; Maple Leaf Foods). The Report and Recommendations from this Workshop have been used to focus CSCFSC Priorities. See: 2021 CSCFSC Risk Mgmt Toolkit Workshop – Executive Summary – EN

May 13: The CSCFSC hosted a Food Allergy Canada (FAC) / University of Laval webinar open to CSCFSC Members and their Members. FAC / University of Laval provide background regarding their project Allergen Risk Management & Precautionary Allergen Labelling Guidelines including their request for industry participation in the Project Survey. An update webinar is planned with the timing to be determined by FAC / University of Laval. An update webinar for Coalition Members and their Members will be held in 2022.

May 27: CFIA and Health Canada made presentations at the CSCFSC Annual Meeting in which updates were provided regarding the SFCR and Consumer Food Safety Education, respectively. CFIA and HC continue to appreciate and seek ongoing collaboration with the CSCFSC and its members.

June 11 & November 25: The CSCFSC hosted CFIA Industry Relations Update virtual meetings. These meetings are open to all CSCFSC members.

December 1 & 2: The CSCFSC hosted a Public Health Agency of Canada (PHAC) Food Safety webinar during which PHAC provided background and updates to CSCFSC members and their members regarding: FoodNet (farm to consumer); Foodbook (v1 & v2); Burden of Illness; Consumer Food Safety Education.

Over the year, the CSCFSC provided members with over 20 COVID-19 Resources/CSCFSC Food Safety Updates (domestic & international) as well as topic specific updates, and, continued its government/industry engagement via the: AAFC Agile Regulations Table (ART) and its Working Group(s); AAFC and PSC-CI COVID-19 initiatives; various Codex and GFSI initiatives; and, participation in the National Index on Agri-Food Performance initiative with specific focus on Food Safety Benchmarking and related indicators under the headers Health & Food Safety (Food Integrity); Societal Well-Being; Economic; Environment (See: https://www.agrifoodindex.ca).  In December 2021, the CSCFSC met with Health Canada to further explore the potential for collaboration regarding Health Canada’s Consumer Food Safety Education initiative.