The Coalition

The Canadian Supply Chain Food Safety Coalition was formed in December 2000 by national associations representing all segments of the food chain from input suppliers through primary production, processing, manufacturing, transportation, distribution to final marketing at retail or in food service. It is a unique organization that is open to all national, provincial and local industry associations with an interest in food safety. In August 2007 it received its Letters Patent under the Canada Corporations Act as a not-for-profit corporation.

Our Vision

Canada’s agriculture, fisheries and food industry will have a world-class reputation for producing and selling safe food.

Our Mission

The Food Safety Coalition will facilitate, through dialogue within the food industry and with all levels of government, the development and implementation of a national, coordinated approach to food safety to ensure credibility in the domestic and international marketplaces.

The Rationale

Food safety is a top of mind concern with Canadian consumers, our customers around the world and with all levels of government. The responsibility for assuring food safety is shared by all participants in the industry and by all levels of government.

The Canadian Supply Chain Food Safety Coalition has been formed to foster a Canadian approach to food safety policy development that emphasizes consultation, harmonization and transparency and is based on partnership within industry and between industry and all levels of government (national, provincial and local).